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Eugene Kozlenko

Mechanical Design, Robotics, Innovation

Part of the third graduating class of Olin College of Engineering, I hold a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I'm interested in the R&D side of the engineering process; designing and executing novel solutions to a wide range of problems. I work best in highly collaborative environments, and posses a rounded enough skill set to contribute in all areas of a project, not just the mechanical. My Resume and more about me can be found here. (Click images to expand sections.)


SLAM Mobile Platform

A department of defense funded project focused on creating an autonomous urban reconnaissance and mapping system. I designed and built the mobile test platforms on which the relevant software is being developed. more


Robotic Grape Vine Pruner

Arguably the smartest piece of equipment that has ever been dragged around a vineyard. I got to design and implement its computer-hydraulics interface, parts of the shears, lighting system, and generally spent several months of my life getting this thing put together and out into the field.more

Apple Crop Load Estimator

Apple Crop-Load Estimator

This device uses two vertical arrays of stereo cameras to count and size apples in a medium to high density orchard before they are harvested. I created the detailed system design for the hardware side of this project. more

Fruit picking end-effector

Fruit Picking End-Effector

This device was my year long senior capstone project. As the mechanical lead on a team of five seniors I was responsible for most of the mechanical design and fabrication. We took our ideas through four stages of prototyping, and by the end, the company that sponsored the project gave me a job. more



One of my less mainstream hobbies is fire dancing. I co-founded and ran a fire-arts club during my time at Olin. We performed regularly in front of crowds of 300+ people on and off campus. (The picture on the right is real, don't try this at home.) more

Video Production

Video Production

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. I've always been interested in the movie making process, so when I got to Olin I chose to pursue the subject as my Arts/Humanities concentration. So far, I've produced around 40 videos ranging from half minute gags, to dramatic pieces in the short film format, to technical demo videos of various robotic systems. more

Drawing plus Photoshop

Drawing, Sculpture, etc...

The ability to get something out of your head and onto a piece of paper is as vital to design as coming up with a clever idea in the first place. Besides being a satisfying creative outlet, I find art to be a great way to chip away at the thought-reality barrier, making it that much easier to show others what I can so clearly visualize in my head. more